Crystal Shae

There’s no better time than the present, to look good, feel good and be mentally free.

You have struggled enough with low sugar, no carbs, high protein fad diets or programs.

You are sick and tired of feeling tired and you lack the energy and motivation that you need on a day to day. You feel out of touch with your true self, and are ready to make a Lifestlye change.

If only you knew how to put the pieces together

Brain fog, lathargia, and lack of fulfillment show up way more often than a good night’s rest has in quite some time.

Deadlines, appointments, dates, and busy schedule have you grasping for straws at when and where you will ever have time…JUST FOR YOU.

You have been diagnosed with IBS, HBP, COPD, ADD, ACS, RLS, HIV…and have simply been on a mission to be set F-R-E-E.

You want to rid yourself of pills, potions, and prescriptions

You can’t sleep at night, can’t function during the day, can’t poop, you pee too much, your libido is low and your blood pressure is high, and you have just about had it with every pill, potion, and prescription who’s side effects are often times worse than the condition itself.

You struggle with having the desire and finding a way to give your body what it needs, finding the time to do it, and maintaining it once you start.

Time to clear your head and find out who the heck you are, and how the hell you can start to do what’s best for you, without feeling guilty, heavy, or drained…would be worth its weight in gold.

All you really want is to increase your energy, improve your health, gain some knowledge of healthy foods, how to prepare them….and actually LIKE them, and then add them as a part of your healthy lifestyle.

And all you need now is;

The first step

The step that will start you on your journey to bringing your life into balance and learn to live, like, and love a Raw Vegan or Plant Passionate lifestyle.

Hey I get it, I am Crystal Shae a patient and loving Plant Passionate educator, who is obsessed with eating good and healthy foods and talking trash when I get together with friends and family. But look it hasn’t always been this way, I am a reformed pork chop, fried chicken, and Vortex burger addict. Who has had to overcome divorce, miscarriages, divorce again, being a single mom, a homeless mom, even a teen mom. I have experienced anxiety, depression, loneliness and weight gain, all while eating on hot wings and fries….America’s perfect food, right?

There are about as many layers to any of us, and a bunch more struggles, to boot.

But here’s a thought;

What if there’s more?

What if there really is a better way to overcome, sickness, disease, and create a body that is fully functional in mind, body, and spirit?

I truly believe that God has already taken those things that were meant to trip us up and is working them out to turn around for our good.

I was introduced to the Raw Vegan lifestyle by my Bestie. And this was after years of “diets” that never quite fit or stuck. The only thing that stuck was about 191 lbs of emotional and mental junk and baggage. Acquiring a desire for more in life followed lots of self-work initiated by my ex, probably unbeknownst to him, where I began my quest for perfect peace and harmony with my body, myself and the world. And now, I live a life of Peace, Happiness and Perpetual Transformation.

You want in?

Of course, you do.

And so here you are, at the right place, just in time to start

Welcome to YOUR ReBirth into a Vivacious, Vibrant, and Victorious Raw and VeganLife.