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Your new personal health, nutrition and fitness coach.

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You struggle with having the desire and finding a way to give your body what it needs, finding the time to do it, and maintaining it once you start.

Time to clear your head and find out who the heck you are, and how the hell you can start to do what’s best for you, without feeling guilty, heavy, or drained…would be worth its weight in gold.

All you really want is to increase your energy, improve your health, gain some knowledge of healthy foods, how to prepare them….and actually LIKE them, and then add them as a part of your healthy lifestyle

What Others Say About Us

It’s a Lifestyle, Not a Diet

Do you want to be clean inside & out?

How badly to you desire health & detoxification?

Crystal Shae R.A.W.educates and inspires through her workshops/seminars, training and consultation sessions for both leaders, educators, and churches on how food and energy work hand-in-hand.

What We Offer

21 Day Programs

One-on-one 21-day programs that include workbook, coaching, a starter detox kit.

2-Day Weekend Programs

A Concise and comprehensive 2-day weekend program that power packs a lot of raw vegan nutrition and wellness information

R.A.W. Receptions

Raw Vegan cooking demonstrations, health literature and consultations.

Energy Leadership Assessment

An energy leadership assessment with a debriefing that will show them what your day-to-day energy level is and under stressful situations.

One Day Trainings

A one day 4-hour training or an hour lunch and learn, which includes a workbook; preparation of some of our delicious raw plant based dishes such as our World-Famous Angel Tomatoes, Wasabi Crab Cakes or Butter Pecan Ice Cream

Group Energy Assessment

A group energy assessment so that they know how leaders should show up as employers, employees, and business owners.

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